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Steps to Pin on a Boutonniere

Updated: Feb 11

Let's cover all the bases for pinning on boutonniere so there are no surprises. We'll break it down into a couple sections: what supplies you need, how to do the pinning, and how to handle special situations.


They actually make boutonniere pins, and if you are DIYing your own personal florals, you can purchase them at most hobby/craft stores. I prefer those that are about 1.5" long - not too long, but just enough length to do the job. I also plan on 2 per bout. This does a couple things for you. You have an extra pin for the larger bouts, as well as if one breaks, for example if the pearly end falls off. And on rare occasions you'll get a pin that is dull, and you'll fight for about 5 minutes with it before you realize that.

Simple Steps to Pin on a Boutonniere

Follow this diagram for easy pinning, and you'll be ready for the ceremony, party, and pictures! If you are relying on family members to pin the boutonnieres on, print this diagram and share it with family members to help them out. The goal is to begin pinning from the back of the lapel, pass through the fabric to the front of the lapel into the boutonniere, and then through the fabric again to the back of the lapel. This hides the pins while also securing the boutonniere. I almost religiously do 2 pins, unless it's a child tiny boutonniere and I use just one. Again, very simple steps to pin on a boutonniere. Practice before your big day if you have any concerns!

Diagram for Steps to Pin on a Boutonniere

Challenging Situations for Pinning on Boutonnieres

Sometimes the groomsmen have suspenders on without a jacket or vest. The suspenders are made of a stretchy fabric, without a lot of weight to them - so it's challenging to bury the point of the pin. It helps to go vertically with the pin in an effort to insert the pin point into the suspender. If you go horizontally, it's more likely that the pin point will escape the suspender due to the width of the strap. I'm always tempted to pin onto the shirt pocket, but there's nothing to prevent the suspender for bumping into the boutonniere and knocking it loose.


A little preparation will make pinning on boutonniere stress free for friends and family. Prepare your supplies, review and share the best way to attach boutonnieres, anticipate unusual situations, and your're good to go!


Have specific questions on boutonnieres? Reach out with a comment, I’ll do my best to help you out! Thank you.

See our Wedding Boutonniere Gallery here, and take advantage of our wedding flower checklist that will help you identify and plan for who will be adorned with a boutonniere at your wedding.

Best wishes for a beautiful wedding, filled with moments and memories with family and friends as you start your new life together!

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