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Recognize not only the groom with a boutonniere on your wedding day, but all of the important guys in your life - groomsmen, ushers, ring bearers, fathers and grandfathers to name a few.  They deserve to all look handsome and dashing, and a buttonhole is the perfect way to help in that area. Others you may want to consider are close friends that are helping with music or vocals, officiants, and others that have had a special place in your heart over the years.  Wedding Boutonnieres are an inexpensive way to acknowledge friends and family that are distinguished guests! 

Here are some common approaches to deciding flower selections for the wedding boutonniere for the guys.  

1. The groom's boutonniere is typically a bit showier than the rest of the men that have been singled out for a buttonhole  It might be an extra flower, or it might be larger overall, or both! 

2. The groom and groomsmen flowers will reflect what's in the girls' bouquets.  Maybe a flower or two that will find itself repeated in the guys bouts, usually one of the smaller flowers as it needs to fit on their lapel or suspender. 

3. If you are leaning towards roses for the guys buttonholes, I recommend spray roses over standard roses. Yes, they are smaller, but feel that they offer more character when worked in with other flowers, and are less likely to get bumped around, bruised, and beaten up during the day due to hugs, dancing, and other boisterous events. 

4. The ring bearer get's an age appropriate buttonhole for the day.  If they are very small (1-2 years of age) I usually suggest a silk flower, only because I feel they are less likely to try and eat it!  And of course, most ring bearer boutonnieres are smaller then the groomsmen also.

5. My favorite last suggestion is to include lots of fine, intricate flowers and foliage in the boutonnieres, as this will add interest, textures, and colors to enhance their attire. Have fun selecting the perfect items for your guys boutonniere! 

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