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Wedding Flower FAQs

FAQ 1: How do we Work Together? I come along side you to help create your style and floral vision, whether you have 75% of your florals thought thru, or maybe 15%. My ultimate goal is to help you achieve your overall wedding aesthetics for your big day that are long remembered by you, family and friends.  You can submit an inquiry form to me, and I’ll be in touch to arrange a free consultation! This is our chance to get to know each other, discuss how best we can help you, and begin to collaborate on what you'd like in your wedding flowers!

FAQ 2: What's the Best Timeframe for the First Consultation? Ideally, 6-12 months before your wedding so you know: 1. Your date is on my calendar and I'm fully committed 2. I'll juggle the many details to procure your flowers, design fresh, quality florals for you, and safely deliver and install them where and when you need!  3. You can relax and enjoy being queen on your wedding day, and know that you are in good hands!


Thank you ... for being my florist for my wedding.  The process of planning, discussing, & meeting about the flowers has been so special & enjoyable.  Thank you for your had work, your vision & all the background work I didn’t see but know happens with your flowers.  They are always stunning.  

Jessica 2021 Bride

FAQ 3: Who Should I Bring to our First Consultation? Bring along a confidant that is interested in seeing this part of the planning process succeed - your fiance, your mom/sister, or cherished bridesmaid. All are welcome?

FAQ 4: What Should I Bring to our First Consultation? 1. We love to see your photos you have collected for floral inspirations and decor for the ceremony and reception as well. We appreciate a link to your Pinterest boards if you have it! 2. Fabric swatches for dresses and linens are very helpful, to insure we help you select flower colors, tones, and shades that unify the aesthetics you want to achieve. 3. An inventory of ceremony and personal florals that you think you’ll need for your big day.  You can find a copy of our Pre-Consultation Checklist to help get you get started with your best guess as to what you want.  Fill this out, bring it with you to the consultation, and we’ll have a great starting point for our initial discussion.

FAQ 5: Where do we meet for the consultation? I like to meet up at an agreed to location, usually a quiet coffee shop.  We dive into wedding flowers and other décor over a chai latte or cappuccino; it’s a little more relaxing, and it gives you a mini break in the midst of planning a wedding, working, and family responsibilities. Let’s be honest, getting ready for one of the biggest events of your life is a lot of work!

FAQ 6: What are Your Design Studio Hours? My hours are by appointment only, but  my hours are flexible with weekdays/weekends as well as daytime and evenings for this meeting! I take a limited number of weddings each year - I avoid the stress of too many weddings, which translates into I'm more avaiable for you.

FAQ 7: What does a Consultation cost? The first one-hour consultation is free. The result is a quote for your review, with one more revision free of charge.

FAQ 8: Do You Require a Deposit to Hold my Wedding Date? To hold your date, and do additional revisions to your quote, we require a $400 non-refundable retainer. This is credited towards your final cost.  Payment can be made with a check.

FAQ 9: When do we Make Final Updates to the Flower Order? Final revisions to your flower order are due 6 weeks before your big day.  This eliminates one less item to juggle at the last minute, when many other tasks require your attention. It also allows me to work with my flower suppliers in a timely manner as well.

FAQ 10: When is the remaining balance due for the flowers? The final balance is due 6 weeks before your wedding date.  ​

FAQ 11: What Should I Budget for Wedding Flowers?  The price of wedding flowers depends on the flowers you select, as well as the number and size of arrangements you need.  Therefore, each wedding flower order is customized to meet your desires and budget.  You can browse the wedding flower gallery to see what other brides have done and get a sense for their approximate budgets.

FAQ 12: How can I get maximum value for my floral budget? 1. One of the easiest ways is to manage the size of your wedding party and guest list count. Those two alone can help immensely by reducing the number for personal and reception florals you need.    2. We can also tackle your budget by being smart about flower selections/substitutions and re-purposing your florals. 3. We can offer suggestions on how to scale your quote up or down to meet your needs.


FAQ 13: What if I'm Live Out-of-Town? Let me assure you, we have clear and efficient communications from the get-go so you can manage this from a distance. Pinterest, fabric swatches, pre-consultation checklist, phone consultations, and email gets us well on the path of bringing together beautiful florals for you!

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