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Gold Salmon Blush Ranunculus Gerbera Dai
Blush, Pink, and Lavender Centerpiece
Succulent Rose Eucalyptus Wedding Flower

What type of wedding flowers can you expect on your budget? It's hard to know if you don't buy wedding flowers every day!  The key driving factors that will impact your budget, which you have control over, include: 

  1. Arrangement and Bouquet stem counts

  2. Flower Choices

  3. Bridal Party Size​

  4. Guest List Count

As you know, for example, a guest list of 200 with centerpieces on each table will be a different budget challenge than a guest list of 100  people.  Same for the bridal party - the larger it is, the more bouquets and boutonnieres you'll need to order.  It is something to factor in when making your many decisions for your wedding day.  

Look at our past weddings to see their approximate prices.  We hope this transparency into our previous weddings is a starting point for assessing what is affordable and where you might want to set your wedding flower budget.  Also, take a look at Tips to cut flower costs. to prevent your wedding flower budget from running away.  We've assisted many savvy brides that are open to ideas and suggestions to keep the budget manageable, while still achieving the style and aesthetics they have dreamed of.  We look forward to helping you! 

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