Flower Subscriptions are Returning for 2022 

Hickory Park on Rt 19, Bergen, NY

Thank you to all of our flower friends that made 2021 a successful year!  We so enjoyed sharing our local, fresh, cut flower harvest with you last year, and we invite you again this year to take some garden-inspired goodness home with you this summer! New to flower subscriptions?  See more info below on how it works.  Please don't hesitate to email us (sosnflowers@gmail.com) if you have questions!  Be safe 

New This Year! 

Last year we offered a 6 week subscription, roughly every other Tuesday, July thru September.  This year we're offering 2 different 6 week subscriptions. You can order a single 6 week subscription - again, roughly every other Tuesday.  Or you can order both 6 week subscriptions (they fall on alternating Tuesdays), and pick up beautiful flowers for a total of 12 weeks!  If ordering for 6 weeks only, review the dates in each group to see which one works best for you, and select that one from the online store.

Group 1 Pickup would be on these Tuesdays: 

June 28

July 19

Aug 2

Aug 16

Aug 30

Sep 20

What is a Flower Subscription? 

This is similar to a vegetable CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), except it's for flowers! You purchase a share of flowers for the summer, and in return you get first dibs on fresh flowers throughout the season. You'll receive glorious flowers June - September as part of your flower subscription. This includes varieties not typically found at the corner florist or local grocery store.  This is also a chance to help small farms thrive by purchasing local flowers! 

Group 2 Pickup would be on these Tuesdays:  

July 12

July 26

Aug 9

Aug 23

Sep 13

Sep 27

Rip City Dahlia

What does a Flower Share Cost?

A flower subscription for 6 weeks is $72 plus tax.  If you order both 6 week subscriptions, in essence purchasing 12 weeks of fresh bouquets, that will cost a total $144 plus tax at checkout. 

Where do I safely get my Flower Share?

Bouquets are available on Tuesdays, 4:30 pm - 5:30 pm 

at Hickory Park - 51 S. Lake Ave - Bergen, NY.

We have drive-thru service for your safety! You can stay in your car, and we will hand you a bouquet without having to get out. Safe and convenient. 

What if I Can't Pick Up One Week?

If you are unable to pickup one week we encourage you to donate your bouquet to family or a friend that can pickup.

Can I order extra bouquets for special occasions? 

Absolutely - please email (sosnflowers@gmail.com) or text (585-548-7158) us and let us know what you need! 

Sunflower Field

What Flowers will be in our Flower Share?​

Each bouquet subscription provides a sampling of our micro flower farm, so you will see different varieties depending on what is in season.  We grow many of your favorites - dahlias, sunflowers, zinnias, cosmos, celosia, and asiatic lilies to name a few.  If the weather is more favorable for one flower over another (each year this is common), that will be reflected in your bouquet.

Can I purchase flowers each week if I don't have a Flower Subscription?

You may order our Single Summer Bouquet for $13 (plus tax) through our online store while supplies last. Pickup will be at Hickory Park, Bergen on the same Tuesdays that our subscription members pickup.  E.g. if you order on Monday, the next day, Tuesday, is your pickup day, 4:30 to 5:30 pm. We look forward to sharing our bouquets with you!