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About Something Old Something New

Gold Salmon Ranunculus Blush Gebera Daisies
Copper Pipe Wedding Arbor / Arch
Something Old Something New Flower Team

Life is a journey, I'm sure you'd agree!  I grew up on a farm, participating in 4-H, and being surrounded by vegetable and flower gardens, agriculture crops, and plenty of animals to fill several barns.  I headed off to college and ended up working in the "big city" as a computer programmer.  This was followed by many other job titles, and eventually as a Lean Six Sigma engineer prior to retirement. I was truly blessed and loved all of it, but retirement found me back to my roots, growing my own flowers, and using those flowers for weddings! 

My passion for flowers started with my 92 year old mother, who took floriculture in college. She passed the "bug" for flowers on to me, my two daughters, my niece, and plenty of others that help prepare wedding flowers each year.  There is something contagious about flowers - growing, harvesting, designing, and delivering them that is so satisfying to the soul.  It sets a pace for life which is counter to how many of us live in the fast lane!  But, as you can see from the picture, my 92 year old mom is going strong, and I think a big part of that is her active lifestyle in the garden, tending to the beauty that should surround us all - not just during wedding season. 



We love to use our own locally grown flowers when they are in season to make your fresh bouquets. You can't beat fresh from the garden flowers - for longevity and for variety.  Most flower farmers grow a great deal of flowers that don't ship well over a long distance, hence the freshness and bountiful variety you get when you shop locally. On those occasions when mother nature does not cooperate, or you have a unique request, we’ll supplement with flowers from other flower farmers and suppliers to insure you still receive a rich, beautiful bouquet! 

We consider it an honor to share our garden fresh flowers with you, for either everyday subscription bouquets,  or for special days such as your wedding. If you were to join us during one of our design sessions, you would think it was our wedding!  The excitement ramps us as the colors, textures, and shapes all come together - we're "ooing" and "ahhing" as the bouquets are designed.  We give each stem its proper placement and a slight turn in order to maximize it's beauty, trying to anticipate your excitement when we hand you your personal bouquet. 


Browse our flower galleries and our online store as you please; we hope you find something that inspires you, and we look forward to serving you and sharing a bit of our flowers bounty with your!   Lesle

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