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Look at how orange, yellow, and blue wedding colors combine to make this a fun-filled, explosion of a party!  This couple is anything but traditional - traveled the world for 2 years, eloped in Australia, & topped it off with a formal ceremony & party with family & friends from around the world. Their bold wedding colors represents their take on life quite well!  Bold! 

Bride's Bouquet: Hydrangeas, Calla Lilies, Dahlia, Lisianthus, Snapdragons, Dusty Miller, Asparagus Fern 

3 Bridesmaids Bouquets

6 Corsages

12 Boutonnieres

21 Centerpieces

I have to give a shout out to this wedding venue, The Chalet at East Hill Creamery  This facility accommodates weddings and receptions in a one-of-a-kind venue.  It features Amish post-and-beam construction in red oak, hemlock, and white pine and huge colonial windows using lumber that was actually harvested locally from the owner's land. This venue represents woodsy charm and modern sophistication, unmatched at other venues I have seen in the area. Guests can enjoy a bit of Alpine cheese as well as Wyoming County cheese history at this spacious, yet warm, wedding facility completed in 2017. 

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