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The Average Cost of Wedding Flowers

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

All brides ask “what is the average cost of wedding flowers” so they can start to think about their own flower budget. The typical rule of thumb for setting this budget is to plan on 10% of the overall wedding budget. It's a starting point, yet I have seen many brides go over this, under, and everywhere in between. These different approaches reflect the importance of flowers to a bride's overall aesthetic, their individual wedding priorities, and desire or carefree approach for specific flower varieties.

Is 10% a Realistic Average Cost for Wedding Flowers?

To set your personal budget, it helps to start by educating yourself on actual, real wedding flowers and their costs (these weddings represent ones we’ve done in our Western NY region). What did other couples spend on lush, extravagant florals for the ceremony and reception? What did they spend on personal custom florals for a small wedding vs a large wedding? Compare these weddings and associated costs to your current budget, then re-evaluate if you need to adjust your floral choices as well as your budget. Look at our full gallery of real weddings now.

This is like shopping for a house - you look at the real estate market and current prices, re-evaluate your priorities, and adjust your budget as necessary to accomplish your goals. We hope this transparency into our previous weddings is a starting point for assessing what is affordable and where you might want to set your wedding flower budget.

What is the Average Cost for Weddings from Something Old Something New?

There are several driving factors that will impact your flower budget, for example the number of stems in your arrangements as well as the type of flower you choose. You have control over these choices, as well as the size of your bridal party size and guest list count, which are also contributing factors. Here is the price range of several wedding flower items based on what our previous couples have spent:

· Bridal Bouquets: $100 - $200

· Bridesmaids Bouquets: $65 - $100

· Guest Table Centerpieces: $50 - $150

· Harlow Stand Arrangements - $300+

· Alter Florals: $150 - $270

· Table Garlands: $6/ft - $25/ft

· Boutonnieres: $15

· Corsages: $25

If you’d like help getting your arms around the various personal, ceremony, and reception flowers you should be considering, you are invited to access a wedding flower checklist that will help you with just that.

Tips for Cutting Average Cost Wedding Flowers

We’re always ready to offer suggestions for maximizing your flower budget, and we know other florists are happy to do the same if you ask them for suggestions (hint: florists love to share their ideas to help you out!!) There are many good suggestions out there to cut wedding flower costs, and here are some of my personal favorites:

1. Reuse your wedding bouquets as floral arrangements for the reception. They can usually be repurposed for florals on the head table, bar, and escort card table to name a few.

2. Arbors are beautiful, eye catching décor that make for amazing moments and pictures. If you have one that’s portable, repurpose it and consider moving it to behind the sweetheart table for more amazing pictures!

3. One my other favorites for the arbor is to use silk foliage for the base of the floral arrangement, then fill in with real or silk florals. The silk base is less expensive for my couples, still looks great in pictures, holds up better in the beating sun, and it allows me to reduce my labor costs for the arbor – which I pass on to you!

4. I ask my couples what they specifically like about a Pinterest picture they’ve sent me – is it the color, a specific flower, or the shape possibly? This allows me to suggest fresh, more affordable substitutions from my flower gardens while still achieving your overall look.

5. If your venue provides different size tables, consider using the larger tables. Tables of 8-10 people rather than 6 people will require fewer centerpieces, as you are using fewer tables!

What is the best tip you've heard for cutting the cost of wedding flowers? Leave me a comment, as I'd love to hear the creative suggestions out there. Thank you.

Best wishes for a beautiful wedding, filled with moments and memories with family and friends as you start your new life together!

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