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Affordable Wedding Flowers at Linehan Chapel, Nazareth College  

This bride wanted it all: beautiful wedding flowers and an affordable budget.  We re-purposed her alter garland, bridesmaids bouquets, and pew decorations for the reception for an overall inexpensive budget.  She didn't lose a bit of elegance for the wedding or the reception by doing this.  What can we do to help you do the same for your big day, and insure your wedding is talked about long after the "I do's"?  

Bride's Bouquet: Rip City Dahlias (Burgundy), Blush Roses, Astillbe, Eucalyptus, Lacy Dusty Miller, Carnations

4 Bridesmaids Bouquets

2 Corsages, 7 Boutonnieres

22 Pew Decorations

22 Table Centerpieces

Head Table Garland with Roses

Head Table Backdrop Garland

This bride had a very special request for the color of her rose in her bouquet.  She was after a blush rose, but wanted a variety called "Quicksand".  It's truly a blush rose, but it has an understated tone, which makes me think they mixed sand with a blush color. Don't misunderstand me, it's a beautiful, soft blush - not too pinky.  I know a lot of brides like to avoide the "baby" blush pinks out there. 

Because it's a neutral blush color, you can pair it with many other tones - burgunday, soft blues, the sky's the limit.  I also like this rose because it's a good size rose - almost bordering on the size of garden roses when it's fully open.  And it's pretty consistent.  We know what to expect when we order it.  It doesn't come with crazy, unpredictable undertones from one bunch to the next that leave you wondering if it will work with the chosen color palatte. It's a winner in my book.  Enjoy! 

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