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Ranunculus and Gerbera Daisies of Salmon, Blush, Coral and Lavender scream spring time wedding like no other colors.  This is the wedding where flowers are talked about long after the big event!


Bride's Bouquet: Ranunculus, Gerbera Daisy, Succulents, Roses, Stock 

7 Bridesmaids Bouquets

10 Ranunculus and Rose Centerpieces

2 Alter Arrangements

6 Floral Ceremony Chair Decor

2 Corsages

10 Boutonnieres

Cake Flowers

Several images courtesy of Jolana Babacek Photography

How does one bring together a kaleidoscope of colors including coral, hot pink, lavender, turquoise, and tones of yellow under one venue? Did we mention blush and white in there as well?  This amazing bride brought forth her color palette and wowed her wedding party, guests, and me, her florist!  It all worked, and I have a new appreciation for giving each flower and color it's place and space while not overpowering any other flower that deserved to shine in these arrangements.  I truly believe we brought in every color from the color wheel!  The only other thing I've every seen rival the glory of these flowers are the stained glass windows at the venue, Westminster Hall and Chapel.  And the last piece of trivia I'll share about these glorious flowers is that the bride donated the centerpieces to the nursing home where her grandmother resides. How's that for having a game plan for your wedding flowers, from start to finish! 

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