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Peony Wedding Flower Testimonial

Updated: Apr 9

Jenny's Post on Peony Wedding Flower Testimonial

Can you ever go wrong with a peony wedding? I don't think so. They are timeless, gorgeous, and complement so many wedding flower styles. That's my opinion - but you can see here that the bride was quote happy based on the peony wedding flower testimonial she left. Thank you Jenny - we loved every minute of getting ready for your big day.

White and Blush Peony Bouquets
White and Blush Peony Bouquets

I cannot say enough good things about Something Old Something New. Lesle did all my bridesmaids bouquets and other decor flowers for my wedding. She took the time to meet with me in person several times to help me execute my vision. She gave me lots of good ideas when I was unsure what I wanted to do for flowers for certain areas of my wedding/tables. Lesle was easy to communicate with and helped me setup the day of my wedding to ensure everything was perfect. I would recommend Lesle to anyone who needs flowers for their wedding or any event. (Posted on Google My Business under Reviews)

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