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Easy Solutions for DIY Wedding Flowers

Updated: Apr 11

I'll share a few tricks of the trade to help with your DIY Wedding Flowers. With some planning, you can build your confidence and easily pull this off. You still want a stress free wedding weekend! Follow the key steps below to launch this project, then let's take a look at tackling a few of the most sought after wedding florals.

The idea of DIY wedding flowers is attractive from so many fronts - in addition to the affordability and frugality of it, it's fun to fellowship with friends and family working on a shared project, the thought of walking down the aisle with your own creation as your future beloved waits for you, and the creative outlet it provides! Let's get started!!

Key Steps for Successful DIY Wedding Flowers

1. There are numerous resources out there to assist with getting through it all. This DIY link at Fifty Flowers is one of my favorite - covers the nuts and bolts of purchasing your flowers, processing them, and the design work. Read up on those, follow through on all their steps, buy your supplies, and also be sure to do a practice session a month or so before your wedding.

2. Pay close attention to the steps necessary for processing and handling the flowers when they arrive to your house. Incorrectly processed flowers will do little to insure beautiful flowers for your wedding day! You've put way too much time and energy into this to let that be the downfall! Now you're seeing all of the behind work that goes into flowers - but you've got this!

3. Another way to get comfortable with the flowers is to order from your preferred supplier for your bridal shower - do the arrangements for the shower, or set up a flower bar for your guests. The more you work with the flowers the more confident you become. You'll see which flowers are fussy, and which ones you can't kill even if you tried. It's true!!

Here are a few most sought after wedding florals and how to tackle them.

Looking to keep your DIY Wedding Arbor/Arch Easy?

Arbors are beautiful, add lots of charm, and can be rustic or elegant. Issues to consider include whether or not they will be out in the sun, wilting before your ceremony, as well as do you have enough time to construct and install them on site. An easy solutoin for both of these include a silk bush (or several!), as you get a lot of coverage in a small amount of time when installing them. Add in silk or fresh flowers to adorn it with the style you love. Using fresh hydrangeas? Be sure to give them a water source on the arbor. Roses hold up pretty well without a water source, as do silk stems. Check out the wedding swap sites (similar to FB Marketplace) for used silk foliage/greenery, and tap into this same audience when it's time to resell items after your wedding. Or pass them onto your sister or favorite girlfriend. An added bonus is they look just like the real thing in pictures!

Easy Solutions for DIY Wedding Flowers
Copper Pipe Wedding Arbor/Arch

Easy Solutions for DIY Wedding Flowers
Copper Pipe Wedding Arbor/Arch

Is Eucalyptus for Table Decor Your Hearts Desire?

Yes, eucalyptus is luscious, lavish, and still a great look at weddings. Here is a suggestion to keep it affordable and easy so you'll be on your way to the wedding you want and deserve. The centerpiece and table gardland you see here are layered, eucalyptus on the top, with a less expensive green on the bottom. It gives the fullness and richness of a full garland, and since the eucalyptus is on top, it's still the star of the show. If you are doing an indoor garland, and don't have to worry about wind, simply lay the greens out in a linear fashion. There's no need to inter-connect the greens in one, continuous fashion as you'll find in true garlands; they only need to look like a garland. Again, less effort, easy setup, and more affordable.

Eucalyptus Wedding Centerpiece
Eucalyptus Wedding Centerpiece
Head Table Eucalyptus Garland
Head Table Eucalyptus Garland

What's the Most Practical Part of DIY Wedding Flowers to Delegate?

The bouquets are truly an enjoyable part of DIY wedding flowers, and the most forgiving due to the popular loose, natural-looking garden style bouquets. Therefore, we suggest ordering the corsages and boutonnieres. They require an eye and patience for detail, along with finer flowers and foliage you may not be ordering for your bouquets. Many corsages and bouts require a special glue to bring forth those tiny creations (sorry, no hot glue on flowers!), and special flower treatments to insure they survive out of water starting the day before your wedding. You don't want to stress during the wedding wondering if the corsages and boutonnieres for the bridal party and parents/grandparents are holding up!!

Bright Colored Pocket Boutonniere
Bright Colored Pocket Boutonniere

How can Something Old Something New Help?

1. We're more than happy to help DIY brides and provide corsages and boutonnieres to compliment the DIY flowers you and your family pull together. We use our in-season foliage and flowers from our flower farm including but not limited to:

  • Lisianthus

  • Starflowers

  • Sea Holly

  • Eucalyptus

  • Wheat

  • Billy Balls, and more!

2. Most of our weddings are very happy with our standard bouts and corsages, which cost approximately $30 each. Have a special request for more luxurious stems? We are happy to provide a quote and order from our wholesaler!

3. In keeping with DIY brides and a mindset for frugality, we encourage pickup rather than incuring delivery and service charges.


With a little leg work and preparation, you can build your skills and confidence to DIY your wedding flowers and keep the stress to a minimum. Just don't wait until the week before to begin thinking about it. Follow through and don't overlook the key steps outlined above. Enjoy the extra tips we shared on the most sought after wedding florals - the arbor and garlands, and know what items to delegate - again, to keep your stress to a minimum.

Best wishes for a beautiful wedding, filled with moments and memories with family and friends as you start your new life together!

Can You Help Us?

If you have time, what is the best tip you've picked up for DIYing your wedding flowers? Leave us a comment! This will help us better serve our wedding couples! Thank you.


  1. Have specific questions regarding how we can help? Reach out with a comment, I’ll do my best to help you out!

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