Garden Fresh Cut Flower Gallery

Our garden flowers can be used to express your unique style on your big day! Many of these are not available thru mainstream florists, as they don't ship well. Hence, our locally grown flowers offer exclusive varieties!  We supplement with wholesalers to source additional flowers that you seek for your big day.  Orchids, Roses, and more.  Everything you see here has been tended to since they were seedlings.  Be sure to also look at our fillers and foliage page to see the beautiful accents you can expect in your bouquet.

Rip City Dahlia
Dahlia - Cafe au Lait
Dahlia - Cafe au Lait
White Dahlia
White Lisianthus
Pro-Cut White Sunflower DIY Brides
White Peonies
Dahlia - Patricia Ann Sunset
Dahlia - Sheer Heaven
Pro-Cut Red Sunflower
Raw Hide Dahlia
Dahlia - Chilson's Pride
Billy Balls
Rustic Fall Centerpiece
White Fama Scabiosa
Lisianthus - Yellow
Doublini Lisianthus