Flower CSA including Drive-thru Pickup - Bergen, NY 

We invite you to enjoy our fresh from the garden flowers this year!  Soak up the beauty, joy and peace that flowers provide to all that see them. And share them with seniors and neighbors that may be lonely or isolated to remind them they are thought of, loved, and important.   

What is a Flower CSA? 

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. This is a chance for you to help small farms thrive by purchasing a share of flowers we grow! In return for partnering with us, you reap the rewards and get first dibs on fresh flowers through out the season while also buying local!  We'll provide glorious flowers for you 2x a month (July - Sept) as part of your flower subscription - a total of 6 bouquets!  

What Flowers will be in our CSA Share?​

Each bouquet subscription provides a sampling of our micro flower farm, so you'll see different varieties depending on what is in season.  We grow many of your favorites - dahlias, gladiolus, sunflowers, zinnias, and lisanthus to name a few.  If the weather is more favorable for one flower over another (each year this is common), that will be reflected in your bouquet.

What does a CSA FLower Share Cost?

As a CSA member, a full flower subscription runs for 6 weeks, at $10 per bouquet, for a total for $60 plus tax. Non-CSA members can still purchase occasional bouquets for $12 per bouquet plus tax at the same location and schedule as CSA members. 

How do I safely get my CSA Share?

You'll pick up a fresh bouquet 2 times a month, on Thursdays, at Hickory Park in Bergen, NY. We have drive-thru service for your safety! You can stay in your car, and we'll hand you a bouquet without having to get out. 

Safe and convenient. 


When Can I pick up my CSA Share?

Pickup will be bi-weekly, July, August, and September, (4:30pm to 5:30 pm) on the following dates:

July 9th and 23rd

August 6th and 20th

September 10th and 24th

What if I Can't Pick Up One Week?

If you are unable to pickup one week we encourage you to donate your bouquet to a friend that can pickup. If arrangements can't be made, we are happy to donate it to an organization or a senior of our choice.

Shop Local this Season and Support Small Businesses in Your Neighborhood! 

Limited Time Offer - Orders paid for by May 15th will receive a "Get a Free Bouquet" coupon.  Share with a friend, or keep for your own enjoyment! 

Our 2020 CSA is SOLD OUT!  We will have extra bouquets at the Hickory Park in Bergen NY when ever possible. And, you You can find us at the

LeRoy Farmer's Market, Trigon Park on Main, this year. 

The Market runs June 13th to October 3rd,  9:00 am to 12:30 pm.

Hope to see you there!  


Bergen, NY 14416

in Genesee County

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